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After working for several years, I realised that I've got a network of friends and colleagues that work in most business divisions of any agency or digital company. Sales, marketing, advertising, design, development, management (I'm a little lacking in finance and HR 😱)

Inside The Agency was intended as an invite-only blogging platform which would bring together the knowledge and expertise of many of those friends and colleagues. The plan was that we would all contribute to the blog and build up its authority with articles which span all of those business divisions. The intended benefits were

  • We would use a single platform so we each didn't need to build a blog and constantly push out new content.
  • We could each produce content at a slower pace as with content being contributed from all members, it wouldn't appear stale
  • We could build up a collective audience which would receive our updates which would broaden our reach.


I pitched this to a dozen or so of my friends and colleagues and the feedback was really positive and everyone was happy to pitch in. At first, a few people did contribute but commitment dwindled away quite quickly and there was no new content to put out.

Ultimately, I retired the project as I intending being a project manager for this and I didn't like pestering people for contributions, especially as it was pitched as an "on your schedule" approach to contributions.

This may be a project I wish to revisit in the future, but it'll have to be under a different domain and someone else has now registered it, and it apparently re-publishing some of my old articles 😢

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