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Chris Shennan

Senior PHP Developer / Indie Hacker

I'm an experienced web developer specialising in solutions using open source technologies including PHP, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, Docker, AWS, PHPUnit, Nginx, Apache and MySQL.

I'm always interested in trying my hand at new and exciting projects and expand my knowledge and experience. Often this means I am working with a mix of technologies I'm already familiar with as well as new ones.

What I do

I have more than 17 years' experience building software for clients from various industries including agency, media and insolvency. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use.

PHP / Symfony / Laravel

Extensive experience with PHP, both natively and via frameworks like Symfony & Laravel. Comfortable working on legacy and greenfield projects.


Writing and maintain tests that are run as part of the CI/CD pipeline to minimise issues in live environments.

AWS / DevOps

Configuring and administering UAT & production infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines using various providers including Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean


Creating containers for use in all environment from development to production to ensure consistency between them all.

Version Control

Versioning and maintaining code and implementing CI/CD pipelines using services like GitLab & GitHub.

Documentation / Scoping

Analysing requirements for new features and change requests and documenting these requirements for the team to be able to prioritise.

Latest Blog Posts

SQS Queue: How many messages have been received?
SQS Queue: How many messages have been received?

Using the CloudWatch API and the AWS CLI to get the number of messages received this week by a particular queue

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Using Tailwind CSS with Symfony Encore
Using Tailwind CSS with Symfony Encore

Configure your Symfony application to use TailwindCSS and create beautiful looking applications using pre-built UI components

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Docker Logs - Tail logs and only show new entries
Docker Logs - Tail logs and only show new entries

Follow the log entries for a docker container and ignore everything that came before, i.e. tail the log entries from the end of the log file rather than the start.

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