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Yet another attempt at a collaboration project. This one focused on a collaborative effort to maintain common tools, scripts, configuration and utilities - primarily via docker images - that myself and my colleagues used in both work and personal projects.

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This provides frontend build tools (node, yarn, gulp) to provide a consistent environment for developed and CI/CD deployment processes.


# Gulp
docker run --rm ${PWD}:/app -w /app idlemoments:docker-frontend-build gulp build

# Yarn install
docker run --rm ${PWD}:/app -w /app idlemoments:docker-frontend-build yarn install



Custom PHP images of various versions (5.6 - 8) which included common extensions (i.e. opcache, soap, gd) we use already packaged in.



A containerised version of the LetsEncrypt certbot including extensions to allow easy integration with 3rd party providers so DNS verification could be done.



Extended the docker-php images mentioned above and added composer. This allows for composer update to be run in a different container (so composer is not required in the main PHP image) and ensures all the dependencies are met.



A skeleton configuration for a LAMP project. It includes PHP, nginx & MySQL and can be neatly packaged up to provide the whole solution to someone else as a single zip file.

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